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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PAK301 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

PAK301 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Total marks = 75 
Total Questions = 43 
MCQ's = 30 MCQ's were from lectures 23-45. ( very tough) 

Short Questions = 13 

1- Pakistans location on the map? 
2- Animals importance in the development of the country? 
3- What is the federal system according to the 1962 constitution? 
4- Education standards in Pakistan?
5- Write a note on "Kashmir issue" ? 
6- What are objectives of the Muslim League? 
7- Who present the Objective Resolution in the constitutional assembly? 
8- Write a short note on Cottage industry of Pakistan? 
9- Write a short note on Pirpur pact? 
10- Do u think education standard / acquiring of education is equal every where in Pakistan?

Mgt101 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt101 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Straight line Method of depreciation 5
Find CGS and Debenture markup 5
Match the corporation list with their accounts5
Material consumed 3
What changes made in "Statement of changes in equity" 3
Difference between Advance or deposit & Short Run Finance. 3

ECO403 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

ECO403 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)


Q1 to Q42) MCQS

Q 43) Differentiate between short run and long run (3)

Q 44) "Pension of the government workers is a liability for the government" How? (3)

Q45) what is the difference between life-cycle hypothesis and the Keynesian consumption functions? (3)

Q46) suppose two countries have identical constant return to scale production function and start with the same capital stock per worker. Both countries have a population growth rate of 2 percent and a depreciation rate of 10 percent. The saving rate, however difference in each country. Country A saves 20 percent of its income. While country B saves only 15 percent. Suppose that the population growth rate in country A increase to 5 percent. Which country will have the higher steady state level of capital per worker? (5)

Q47)In 1979, budget deficit was $20 billion government debt was $495 billion and inflation was 8%. By using this information calculate by how much amount the budget deficit was over started? What is the amount of surplus budget deficit? (5)

Q48) (A) Define Philips Curve. Also explain this curve with the help of diagram (5)
(B) Graphically show the impact of a decrease expected inflation on the Philips curve. (5)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mgt604 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt604 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

MCQ's 56

1. Define Prudential Regulations, What is basic purpose of Prudential 
Regulations? (3) 

2. Who play critical role for establishment & implementations SMEs? (3) 

3. What is Money Laundering? (3). 

4. There is a principal in stock market "buy the rumor, sell the fact". Do you agree? (3) 

5. How Baring bank collapsed? (5) 

6. What are the risks in International trade? (5) 

7. Banking Surveillance Department ensures sound growth, do you agree? 

Describe purpose of this department. (5) 

8. Why Small & Medium Enterprises are important for a country? (5)

Another Paper:

MCQ's 56 

1-Unique features of Foreign Exchange Market. 
2- Risk faced by International Trader. 
3-Category of Agricultural loan. 
4- Basic Purpose of Agricultural Loan. 
5- What are Wire Frauds? 
6-Division of HR department of SBP 
7- What were the corporate issues of ENRON?

Another Paper:

MCQ's 56 

57. Whether the revolving credit scheme available on seasonal basis and how it gives benefits to the farmer (3 Marks) 

58. Discuss securities Analyst issues in the collapse of ENRON (3 Marks) 

59. 4. There is a principal in stock market "buy the rumor, sell the fact". Do you agree? (3 Marks) 

60. Write down the names of the agriculture dept. Divisions of SBP. 

61. Discuss the Accounting issues in the collapse of ENRON (5 Marks) 

62. What are the risks in International trade? (5 Marks) 

63. How many credit categories are made for the agriculture credit scheme (5 Marks) 

64. Differentiate between Investment Bank and Merchant Bank (5 Marks)

Mgt603 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt603 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Explain market penetration with example of a local or multinational company in pakistan
Define 3 positive features of QSPM
Descripe 3 approaches for net worth of a business
Define contingency planning
Explain Strategic management and its significance for business
Resourse allocation decision is a plan for using avaliable resources. what are the 2 parts of resource allocation plan
Describe the strategy evaluation system, a large and a small organization require.
give some example of Marketing Decisions that may require policies.

Mgt601 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt601 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Total Qs 64
Total MCQs 56
4 Qs having 3,3 marks each &
4 Qs carrying 5,5 marks each
MCQs mostly related 4m job analysis, job discription , Requirtment, role of marketing in SME, ISOs,n 4m ministerial conference.

Q1. GATT code of custom valuation.
Q2. Scenario given how to make better position of new product when old one is loosing its market.
Q3.horizontal commitment & sector -specific commitment difference?

Mgt520 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt520 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Total 8 questions were containing in subjective portion & I think 58 MCQ was given in objective portion.

4 question was in paper & each have 5 mark

Question 1) Explain why do companies go for international business? (5 mark)
Question 2) what are the basic standards for advertise program? (5 mark)
Question 3) why do home countries discourage the outward FDI? (5 mark)
Question 4) Elaborate the several method of acquisition adopted by the foreign companies? (5 mark)

4 questions was in paper & each have 3 mark

Question 5) Describe the (CERT) closer economic relation trade? (3 mark)
Question 6) what do you know about the treaty of Amsterdam? (3 mark)
Question 7) what are Country-of-origin facts? (3 mark)
Question 8) how can we classify import and export on the bases of nature of the product? (3 mark)

Mgt510 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt510  VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Q.No.1: Why did Deming believe that managers should stop decision purely based on cost? 3marks

Q.No.2: The European Quality Award is divided into two parts to whom these are awarded? 3marks

Q.No.3: What were the structured rationality and philosophy towards change in the mechanistic model? (2.5+2.5) 5marks

Q.No.4: The (SPIOC) Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer diagram induced a high levelmap the process that "map out its basic steps" Explain the element of this process? 5marks

Q.No.5: Briefly explain as to how a management can be improved? 5marks

Mgt503 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt503  VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

62 MCQs (Some were 4m past paperz)

1-Why Organizations mostly use Departmentalization? (3)
2-What is feed control? (3)
3- Define the terms Satisfied, not satisfied and Dis satisfied according to Equity Theory (3)
4- Why manager should plan before perfoming a particular task? (5)
5-Illustrate Motivator and hygiene Factors (5)
6- What is cross Function? Describe its task (5)

Mgt411 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt411  VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)



Q.1 Differentiate between money, wealth and income
Q.2 Explain conditions why inflation is persistent?
Q.3 Why government do not give authority of printing money to private individuals?


Q.1 Effect of inflation shock on output and inflation
Q.2 Factors effecting money supply
Q.3 Non depository Institutions explain any one
Q.4 Types of reserves

Another Paper:

Question ( Marks: 3 )
What is the source of Trading risk, Credit risk and Liquidity risk?

Question ( Marks: 3 )
"Monetary policy can be used to stabilize economy".Discuss.

Question ( Marks: 3 )
Give an account of different components of aggregate demand?

Question ( Marks: 5 )
Differentiate between the Foreign exchange risk and the Sovereign risk.

Question ( Marks: 5 )
Central bank can control the size of the monetary base. What are central bank monetary policy tools? Name them.

Question ( Marks:)
a) Central bank performs several functions. Describe how each tool of monetary policy is used in fulfilling each of those roles.

Mgt301 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt301  VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Long Questions

1. Enlist M's of Advertising
2. Decisions to go for INTERNATIONAL Markets
3. Important elements while going for competitors
4. Determining the communication Objectives
5.Enlightened Marketing
6. Role of Market Intermediaries

Mgt211 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt211 VU Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

1. Q1 decoding decoding 
2. term retailing 
3. how to judge service quality 
4. component of information system 
5. Just in Time (J It)
6. Fredric tailer approaches
7. territory management and its advantage remaining i forget